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Ischia The island of Ischia is located in the northern point of the gulf of Naples, near Procida and Vivara.
Ischia is a mountainous island, whose highest peak is the Monte Epomeo (788 m), from which you can admire an immense and splendid panorama: you can see the whole island; the particular cone-shaped figure of the island and its geographic position allow the climate to be mild also in the winter periods (the average temperature of the whole year is 18°C), this makes Ischia a good place also for winter holidays.

The numerous volcanic eruption, throughout the centuries, have moulded the coasts and allowed the growth of a big variety of vegetation, that makes Ischia different from the other island: the lava, hardening, formed a soil rich of nutritive substances, helping the cultivation of olive tree, grapevine and citruses.

Other characteristic of Ischia is the warm thermal sources, known since the Roman age: these waters are used in order to cure different diseases, but also as beauty treatment. Today Ischia is an appreciated touristic destination that receives beyond 6 million visitors every year, welcoming them with its beauty, its nature, cultural events, sports, charming beaches and a clear sea.

The municipality of Ischia extends along the north-east coast of the island and is divided in two parts: the main town, Ischia Porto, and the zone of Ischia Ponte, that takes the name fr ...

Lacco Ameno
Lacco Ameno is the smallest municipality of the Island and is located in the north-western part of Ischia: it has the shape of an amphitheater along the seashore, at the foot of Monte Epomeo, with whi ...

Picturesque, quiet and sunny village on a cape of the western coast of the island, Forio suffered, during the centuries, the invasions of Saracens, of which it conserves the signs in its architecture. ...

Serrara Fontana
Serrara Fontana is the highest town of the island: in fact it goes from the sea to the summit of the Monte Epomeo (789 meters).
It is constituted by two main localities, Serrara and Font ...

Ischia spa
The thermal waters of Ischia are known and used sice ancient times. The Greeks used thermal waters to strengthen spirit and body and as a remedy for recovery of wounds, attributing to waters an ...

The indented coasts of the island of Procida, that are in some areas low and sandy, elsewhere rocky and wild, create evocative bays and beautiful peaks, on the blue water of the Tyrrhenian Sea. ...
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