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The municipality of Ischia extends along the north-east coast of the island and is divided in two parts: the main town, Ischia Porto, and the zone of Ischia Ponte, that takes the name from the wooden bridge that, till 1700, connected the Aragonese castle with the village. Ischia is the main town and has numerous hotels and an intense touristic movement. In 1853 the King Ferdinando II of Borbone decided to spend his free time in Ischia, and built a place for berthing directly in front of his palace, Villa de'Bagni, where there was a small lake. Thus the architects of the king eliminated the strip of land that separated the lake from the sea, creating a bay that became the port; during the years new buildings rose, among which the Antiche Terme Comunali, and Ischia Porto becomes the town full of life that it is today.

The ancient village Ischia Ponte has conserved the fascination and the suggestion of the typical village of fishermen: today it has rich palaces and churches, alleys and balconies, stairways and gardens. But the peculiarity of Ischia Ponte is the presence of the Aragonese Castle, that rises on a small island connected by a narrow strip to Ischia. The castle was built in the 5th century, but in 1433 Alfonso of Aragona, began a restoration: in this age the castle was visited by artists and writers. But in 1700 began the decadence of the Castle, that today is however open to public and gives unique emotions thanks to the suggestion of the place in which it rises.

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