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The thermal waters of Ischia are known and used sice ancient times. The Greeks used ...

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The indented coasts of the island of Procida, that are in some areas low and sandy, elsewhere rocky and wild, create evocative bays and beautiful peaks, on the blue water of the Tyrrhenian Sea.
Procida is the smallest of the Flegree islands: the first inhabitants lived here in the 8th century before Christ, when the Greeks settled down on the island; Procida is located on the entrance of the Gulf of Naples, between Ischia and Capo Miseno; to the west of Procida there is the islet of Vivara, completely covered of Mediterranean bushes, connected to Procida through a bridge.

The island offers breathtaking panoramas: the coloured houses, the narrow streets, the rich vegetation and the limpid sea create landscapes of rare fascination, which are difficult to describe because of their beauty.

Arriving to Marina Grande, the main port of Procida, you can see in front of you Montefusco Palace, called Palazzo Merlato because of the wonderful crenellation that goes along the entire palace, typical construction of the 17th century, while, further, you will find the chiesa della Pietà, in the public square called Sent'cò, dated back to 1616.

Near Marina Grande there are two wonderful beaches: the Beach della Silurenza and the beach della Lingua.

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