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The historical center of Capri develops in two different parts, but the heart of the town is always the Piazza Umberto I; it is small and seems a courtyard, not a public square… in fact it is called Piazzetta: it is the seat of all the activities and the events, the point of reference for those who love the worldly Capri.
The historical center of the town of Capri is very interesting for its history and its particular structure, with small, narrow and winding roads.

Leaving the Piazzetta, with a walk of approximately 30 minutes, you can reach Villa Jovis: it is one of the most important dwellings built by the emperor Tiberio during its permanence in Capri. The emperor had a refined taste, and he chose, for its villa, a wonderful place: dipped in the nature with a magnificent view. It dates back to the first century, but today there are only ruins of the villa, that allow us to guess the splendour of the dwelling.

From the church of S.Costanzo, approximately 30 minutes by foot from the Piazzetta, it starts the Scala Fenicia, a stairway built digging in the cliff more than 500 steps, that till 1850 was the only connection from Marina Grande to Anacapri.

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