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Capri The island of Capri, in front of the peninsula of Sorrento, is celebrated for its beauty since roman age: also Tiberio, the roman emperor, was fascinated by the beauty of the place and he moved on the island. The presence of the emperor in Capri influenced remarkablly the architecture and the development of Capri: during roman age, in fact, was built the port, numerous farms, the imperial villas and country houses.

The shore of the island is jagged, characterized by numerous caves and bays alternated to steep reefs. The caves, hidden by the reefs, were used in roman age as personal ports for the magnificent imperial villas; the most famous is the Grotta Azzurra (Blue Grotto), in which the sunlight reflects on the sea and creates spectacular luminous effects. Another typical place of interest in Capri is Faraglioni, the collective name for three stacks located off the island, that are one of the most evocative points.

The towns on the island are Capri and Anacapri, Marina Grande (Big Harbour) and, on the other side, Marina Piccola (Small Harbour).

Marina Grande - Campania Marina Grande
Marina Grande is the port of Capri, located in a bay on the northern side of the island. It is the point of arrival of the tourists: here berth the ferries and hydrofoils from Naples, Ischia, A ...

Capri - Campania Capri
The historical center of Capri develops in two different parts, but the heart of the town is always the Piazza Umberto I; it is small and seems a courtyard, not a public square… in fact it is called < ...

Anacapri - Campania Anacapri
The wild beauty of the nature and the suggestion of the narrow roads of the historical center of Anacapri have made this place a paradise for the tourists who visit it.
Anacapri offers its beauty ...

The Blue Grotto - Campania The Blue Grotto
The Blue Grotto is a natural cave, famous all over the world, that has become the symbol of the island of Capri; it is perhaps the most magic and evocative place of the whole island.
The existen ...

The Faraglioni - Campania The Faraglioni
A faraglione is a rocky cliff, similar to a tower, that rises in the water: in Capri the Faraglioni are one of the main attractions.
Faraglioni is in fact a generic name, but those of Capr ...
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