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The islands
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The islands

Venice spreads on118 islands connected by 354 bridges; the main channels of the city are the Canal Grande and the Canale della Giudecca. The first crosses the city tracing a "S" , the second separates the historical center from the island of Giudecca.

The island of Giudecca is a quiet, residential area without excessive presence of tourists. The long dock situated to north, in front of the city, form an avenue on which is pleasant to take a walk and that offers wonderful sights on the lagoon. On this island there is the church of Redentore, built as a thanks at the end of the terrible plague in 1576.

The Lido of Venice is a thin island, that is between the historical center of Venice and the Adriatic sea; the shoreline of the island is characterized by the Murazzi, defensive works against the sea, and by the beautiful beach, famous for its golden sand and clean water. The architecture of the towns is rich of magnificent buildings and parks, but there are also modern buildings as the Casino and the Palace of Cinema, seats of cultural events among which the Venice Film Festival.

The island of Murano is situated northeast of Venice, and is famous all over the world for its millenary tradition of glass manufacture. The glass of Murano is famous for its refinement: using simple tools in iron, the glassblowers model the glass with ability. Visiting a furnace where to see the creation of glass objects is an unique experience. On the island there is also the Museum of the Glass.

Burano is encircled from swampy areas and is famous for its typical coloured houses: once the colours were used by the fishermen in order to find their own house when the fog was very thick. The island is famous for the laces handicraft, dated back to the 16th century.

On the island of Torcello there was one of the most ancient town of the lagoon, till the decline due to the prevalence of Venice. Currently this island has twenty residents, but it is very important from the archaeological point of view. Here you can visit the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, where there is a beautiful Byzantine mosaic representing the Last Judgment.

Images Venice

The islands - Venice

The islands - Venice

The islands - Venice

The islands - Venice

The islands - Venice

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From Hotel Nuovo Teson, you can walk to Saint Mark’s Square in just 2 minutes or discover the surrounding islands with a water bus from the nearby Arsenale station. This friendly, central, 2-star hotel can assist you with your travels and enjoyment while in Venice. Helpful, multilingual staff ca ...

Hotel Ai Due Principi * * * * Venice Hotel Ai Due Principi * * * * Venice
Hotel Ai Due Principi is what you expect from a luxurious hotel matching the magic, elegant ambiance of a city like Venice. Get ready for the ultimate pleasurable Lagoon experience. The Ai Due Principi is set inside a Venetian palace belonging to the noble Da Fiol family and is now fully restore ...

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