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Turin is a city that waits to be discovered: it has been the first capital of Italy (from 1861 to 1865), and today is one of the greatest economic, cultural, touristic and scientific cities of the nation.
Turin is a city of art, modern and exciting; its panoramas are fascinating, thanks to the nearness of historical palaces and modern constructions, with, on the background, the snowy peaks of the Alps.

Its charming geographic position allows in fact the tourists who visit the city to be able to reach infinites landscapes, from the sweet waters of Lake Maggiore to the mountains of the Val di Susa… but Turin it is above all a city to live and to visit: the center of the city is Piazza Castello, where to taste a warm chocolate in the historical coffees and to take a walk along the streets, under the porches full of beautiful stores.

The symbol of the city is undoubtedly the Mole Antonelliana, to whose inside can be visited the interesting Museum of the Cinema; but in Turin there are beyond 40 museums, among which the Egyptian Museum and then charming and evocative churches, as the Cathedral, where is conserved the Shroud of Turin, historical palaces and parks dipped in the green, where to relax remaining in the center of the city.

Mole Antonelliana
The Mole Antonelliana is the monument symbol of Turin, that with its profile marks the skyline of the city.

The construction of the Mole began in 1863, it was planned by the archite ...

Piazza Castello
Piazza Castello is the main public square of Turin, heart of the historical center of the city.
Planned in 1584 by Ascanio Vitozzi, the square extends on a surface of approximately 40.000 mq, a ...

Royal Palace of Turin
The first and most important one, among the residences of the Savoy family in Piedmont, the Palazzo Reale (royal palace) is located in the heart of the city, in the central Piazza Castello.It represen ...

Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist
The Cathedral of Turin is dedicated to John the Baptist, patron saint of the city, and it is the only church of the city with a Renaissance style, adorned by a beautifulst facade in white marble from ...

Egyptian Museum
The Museo delle Antichità Egizie of Turin, best known simply as Egyptian Museum, is considered the most important of the world, after the museum in Cairo.

The museum is dedicated excl ...

Parco del Valentino
The Parco del Valentino is a famous public park, situated along the river Po, between the monumental bridge Re Umberto I and the bridge Principessa Isabella, and is very close to the city center. It h ...

Basilica of Superga
Superga is the name of a hill that rises to east of Turin, on which is located a splendid Basilica, wanted by the king Victor Amadeus II as thanks to the Virgin Mary, after he defeated t ...

Venaria Reale
Venaria Reale is the town risen around to one of the most beautiful and famous residences of the Savoy family, the Reggia (royal palace) of Venaria Reale.
Probably the greatest residence ...
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