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In 1939 the two towns of Intra and Pallanza were united, creating a new city, Verbania: this name comes from the other name of Lake Maggiore, that is called also Verbano.

Verbania offers to its visitors many interesting monuments and valuable churches, among which the Oratorio di San Remigio, an oratory in romanesque style dated back to the first half of the 11th century and 12th century, the Church of Madonna di Campagna, situated between Pallanza and Intra and the Basilica of San Vittore: situated in the center of Intra, it is the main church of the city also because San Vittore is the patron saint of Verbania and he is celebrated with a procession and the evocative ceremony of the blessing of the Lake.

In Verbania, moreover, there is the beautiful botanical garden of Villa Taranto, between Pallanza and Intra. It was created by the Scottish captain Neil McEacharn who in 1931 acquired a land in order to realize an english garden in Italy. He imported from all the world tens of botanical species, and gave to the complex the name of Villa Taranto in memory of his ancestor, the marshal McDonald, who was Duke of Taranto during Napoleon age. The garden comprises exemplary of approximately 20.000 herbs and trees. Currently the villa inside of the garden is closed because seat of offices, while the park is open to the public.

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