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Rome Called Città Eterna, Rome is shrouded in a mythical atmosphere, since its origins: according to a legend, the twins Romolo and Remo, abandoned on the shore of the river Tevere, were saved by a female wolf that feeded them with its milk, and, once they were grown, they founded the city: it was the 21st April, 753 years before the birth of Christ.

Actually Rome arose slowly (Rome was not built in a day, tells a famous proverb). What we can admire today is the result of beyond three millenia of history: the city rises on the famous sette colli (seven hills) and it gives to those who visit it unique emotions, thanks to its characteristic: it conserves intact some of the most important monuments of Italy and of the world.
The historical center is the result of the continuous additions of architectonic and urban elements during the centuries, starting from roman age, with the Colosseum, one of the symbols of the city, and the imposing area of the Imperial Fora, passing for the complex of the Basilica of Saint Peter and the Vatican Museums, the church of San Giovanni in Laterano and the particular structure of the Pantheon, Castel Sant'Angelo, on the river Tevere and the Altar of the Fatherland, the Trevi Fountain and the evocative stairway of Trinità dei Monti in Piazza di Spagna.

Rome never stops to astonish the tourists, not only for the numerous art masterpieces, monuments and museums, but also for the characteristic roman life, rich of traditions, habits and culture: the night life is exciting, the roman cooking is very juicy… at night, it is pleasant to take a walk along the road of the magnificent historical center. Campo dei Fiori, near Piazza Navona, and Testaccio are the points of meeting for the young people; in summer there are many outdoor cinemas and concerts in the parks, and for the children we remember the Luna Park Luneur, where to take a ride on the panoramic wheel, and to entertain with the maze of mirrors, rollercoaster, but also videogames and the house of fear.

Rome is the right holiday, for everyone!

Colosseum - Lazio Colosseum
When the Colosseum falls, Rome shall fall; when Rome falls, so falls the world.
This epigram written by the Venerable Bede, an english monk of the 7th century, celebrates the admiration of ...

Imperial Fora
The forum was for the Romans the center of every city, where there were the main public buildings, and the big market. The Roman Forum began to be built in the 7th century before Christ, when b ...

The catacombs are ancient Jewish and Christian underground cemeteries.
The oldest catacombs of Rome date back to the end of the 2nd century; thanks to the easiness of digging in the tender ...

Vatican City
Vatican City is an independent state, enclave of the italian territory, in the center of the city of Rome. It is the smaller state in the world (0,44 km ²), ruled by the bishop of Rome - the Pope, but ...

Saint Peter Square
Saint Peter's Square, remarkable example of baroque architecture and urban planning, is place of daily pilgrimage for thousands of Catholic turists from all over the world. The public square was creat ...

St. Peter Basilica
St. Peter's Basilica is one of the biggest buildings of the world: it is 218 meters long and beyond 130 meters high, according to the tradition it was built on the tomb of the Apostle Peter< ...

Vatican Museums
The Vatican Museums are one of the biggest collections of art in the world, because they exhibit the enormous collection of works of painting and sculpture, and many other works of the human talent, a ...

Trevi Fountain
Trevi Fountain is the biggest and most famous fountain of Rome: the scene from the movie La Dolce Vita by Federico Fellini is unforgettable: Anita Ekberg dives into the basin, inviting Marcello ...

Piazza di Spagna
Piazza di Spagna, with the gorgeous stairway of Trinità dei Monti, is one of the most famous public squares of Rome. Its name comes from the Palazzo di Spagna, seat of the spanish embassy in the Holy ...

The Pantheon (Greek word that means the temple of every god) is a building of the ancient Rome, built by Marcus Agrippa in the year 27 BC as a temple to all the gods of Ancient Rome. After d ...

Piazza Navona
Piazza Navona is one of most famous public squares of Rome.
During Roman age, in this place there was the Stadium of Domitian and the name of the square was originally in Agone (from the ...

Monument to Vittorio Emanuele II
The Vittoriano has been erected to honour Victor Emmanuel II, the first king of a unified Italy, and often it is wrongly identified with the Altar of the Fatherland, that constitutes onl ...

St. John Lateran
The Public Square of St. John Lateran, adorned by an obelisk of the 15th century b.C., is surrounded by huge monuments: the Baptistry, the Palazzo Laterano and, above all, the Basilica of St. John ...

Castel Sant Angelo
Castel Sant'Angelo is a roman monument, built between 123 and 129 A.D. by the emperor Hadrian as a mausoleum for himself and his family and it was radically modified during the Middle Ages and ...

Campidoglio is the other name of the Capitoline Hill, one of the seven hills on which Rome was founded, even if, according to a legend, a first village on the hill was founded by the God Saturn ...
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Hotel St. George * * * * * Roma Hotel St. George * * * * * Roma
St. George is a modern 5-star hotel in Rome's historic centre. Piazza Navona is a 5-minute walk away. During summer, the Rooftop Lounge Bar offers beautiful city views. St. George is close to the Tiber River, the popular Trastevere area and the Vatican. Friendly staff can book museum tickets ...

Hotel Mecenate Palace * * * * Roma Hotel Mecenate Palace * * * * Roma
The Hotel Mecenate Palace is set in a 19th century villa opposite the magnificent basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore in the heart of Rome’s historic centre. Its stunning rooftop bar and restaurant offer spectacular views across the city centre with the Coliseum and Roman Forum just minutes away. T ...

Hotel NH Vittorio Veneto * * * * Roma Hotel NH Vittorio Veneto * * * * Roma
This modern hotel is set in the heart of Rome, between the tranquil gardens of Villa Borghese and the exclusive shopping and nightlife around Via Veneto. NH Vittorio Veneto features spacious accommodation with all the latest facilities, including Wi-Fi, Satellite TV, and air conditioning. A numb ...

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