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Misano Adriatico

Ideal touristic center for a vacation with the family, but also destination of numerous lovers of sport, Misano Adriatico develops on the coast but also inland where, between greens hills, there are wide green spaces and a naturalistic park, besides ancient hamlets where you can discover the history and the art of this wonderful territory.

Misano offers, beyond to a splendid sea, different kinds of vacation that satisfy any desire: restaurants of quality, sport installations, the most famous discotheques of Italy, natre parks… and much more. In the hamlet of Portoverde there is the touristic port, while all the area on the sea is characterized by pedestrian areas with bloomed flower-beds, brightened in summer with markets and music.

In the hamlet of SantaMonica there is the racetrack Misano World Circuit, that accommodates motorbike and car competitions, among which the San Marino and Rimini Coast Motorcycle Grand Prix, that gives to its fans emotions and spectacle.

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