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Cattolica is a famous locality on the Adriatic Coast, that offers to the tourists a fabulous beach, wide and sandy, with a clear and blue sea, and recreation, amusement, sport and relax.

The city is well-kept, and in the center you can enjoy the city life, and see interesting historical places, buildings, public squares, stores, spaces dedicated to the culture and pubs and discos.
The main public square, known as Piazza delle Fontane Danzanti (that means dancing fountains, but the true name is Piazza Primo Maggio) is a charming space, thanks to the beautiful fountains, that move following the music and to the garden that surround them.

Other characteristic places are the churches of San Apollinare (13th century) and of San Pio V (19th century), the roman ruins, the Museo della Regina, the Malatesta Tower (1490) and the Aquarium Le Navi, that gives entertainment, culture and emotions to its visitors, adults and children.

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