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Aquafan and Oltremare

Aquafan is one of the first water parks that were built in Italy: it has been inaugurated in 1987, and has quickly achieved a big success.
Today it is the most famous water park of Europe; in the park you can enjoy with the classical water games (chutes, swimming pools with waves, a slow river and the fast one...), and every year new attractions are added, without forgetting the shows, the animation, the music and the restaurants. Inside the park there is also a discotheque, in fact in summer the park is open also during the night.

In 2004 Aquafan expanded, because of the addition of the new park
Oltremare, a naturalistic, fascinating and educational park.
Its area is subdivided in different thematic zones: Adventure Island is dedicated to the children and to Ulisse, the dolphin-mascotte of the park, Il viaggio nel tempo (Time travel) that leads us to the age of dinosaurs; the different zones dedicated to the marine creatures, the Fattoria (Farm) and the Mulino del Gufo, where are sheltered eagles, hawks, owls: the flights of these birds are guided by a group of falconers.

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