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Reggia di Capodimonte

The Palace di Capodimonte, on the homonymous hill, was built by the monarch Charles III of Spain, who wanted to embellish his immense hunting reserve: when it was completed, in 1840, its rooms were furnished in order to become a picture gallery characterized by the presence of portraits of the royal family and paintings of Italian artists.

The palace is lacking in a main facade and lacks the symbols that characterize the seat of the power as a central portal or a balcony and from these things you can understand that the building was though to be a Museum, a solemn container of the art collection of the Bourbon family; today in its rooms you can admire the works of great painters like Sandro Botticelli, El Greco, Raffaello, Andrea Mantegna, Caravaggio and Tiziano. The Palace is surrounded by a well kept garden, rich of trees and flowers.

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