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The city of Naples rises in the homonymous gulf, dominated by the Mount Vesuvius and delimited to east by the Sorrento Peninsula and to west by the gulf of Pozzuoli with Capo Miseno. This excellent position creates an evocative scenery, considered one of the most charming in the world. The panorama that you can enjoy from the hill of Posillipo is the typical postcard of Naples: the gulf, the limpid sea and the volcano on the background.

Visiting Naples means to dip in a scene of extraordinary beauty, as the city encloses 2800 years of history: its churches, among which the beautiful Cathedral, the famous castles, like Castel dell'Ovo and Maschio Angioino, the monuments, the museums… everything is a sign of the different ages and cultures that lived in this city.
But the current reality of Naples is also of great complexity; the city was one of the main cultural centers until the annexation to the Reign of Italy, that threw the city in a social and economic decline; but today Naples is among the greatest Italian and Mediterranean cities, and still has its important vocation as a cultural, artistic and scientific center.

The artistic and architectonic wealth of Naples is immense, the traditions are rooted in the people and in the places: as an example, the Via San Gregorio Armeno, a street of the city center, famous between the tourists for the artisan shops, where mangers are built. Visit Naples is a discovery of a strong cultural identity, of a city with a long gastronomic tradition (the most famous Italian food, pizza, was created here) and of the warm welcome that the city gives to its visitors.

Piazza del Plebiscito
Piazza del Plebiscito is the most famous square of Naples, the largest and most representative one: for centuries it was an irregular space, but since the 17th century it was transformed, also because ...

Castel dell'Ovo
Castel dell'Ovo (in Italian, Egg Castle) is one of the elements that towers above the panorama of the Gulf of Naples.
Its name stems from a medieval legend which holds that the poet Virgil, ...

Naples Cathedral
The Cathedral of Naples is dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta: its construction began in the 13th century, on the foundations of two palaeo-Christian basilicas, whose traces can still be clearly ...

Maschio Angioino
Maschio Angioino is the other name of Castel Nuovo (new castle), one of the most famous monuments of the city of Naples.
Its construction was begun by Charles I of Anjou in 1279; under the ...

Naples Royal Palace
The Royal Palace (Palazzo Reale) of Naples is one of the royal residences (among which there are also the Palace of Capodimonte and the Palace of Caserta) used by the monarchs during the Kingdom of th ...

Charterhouse of San Martino
The Charterhouse (Certosa) of San Martino is one of the greatest monumental complexes of Naples and it is considered one of the most important examples of baroque art and architecture.
The Charte ...

Reggia di Capodimonte
The Palace di Capodimonte, on the homonymous hill, was built by the monarch Charles III of Spain, who wanted to embellish his immense hunting reserve: when it was completed, in 1840, its rooms were fu ...

Phlegraean Fields
The Phlegraean Fields (Campi Flegrei in italian) are a huge volcanic area located to north-west of Naples; the word "flegrei" derives from the greek word flègo that means "I burn", and t ...
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