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Charterhouse of San Martino

The Charterhouse (Certosa) of San Martino is one of the greatest monumental complexes of Naples and it is considered one of the most important examples of baroque art and architecture.
The Charterhouse is situated on the hill of Vomero, that dominates the gulf of Naples: it was built in 1325 but it assumed the current aspect with the restorations of the 16th century, that enriched it with marbles, frescoes and paintings, sculptures and precious furniture. Today it is not more a monastery: the monks were chased by the King because accused of being republican and the monastery was abolished in 1866.

Since that year the Charterhouse accomodates the Museum of San Martino, a beautiful place where to discover the history of Naples and the Charterhouse; in the complex there are also a church and the evocative Chiostri di San Martino. The Chiostro Grande (big cloister) is perhaps the most interesting: the pavement, built between 1629 and 1643, creates a beautiful chromatic effect thanks to white and dark marbles and in the middle of the cloister, the water cistern, adorned with monster sculptures, is the characterizing elements of the cloister. From the Charterhouse you can enjoy a charming panorama on the city.

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