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Lacco Ameno
Lacco Ameno is the smallest municipality of the Island and is located in the north-western ...

Serrara Fontana
Serrara Fontana is the highest town of the island: in fact it goes from the sea to the su ...

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Lacco Ameno

Lacco Ameno is the smallest municipality of the Island and is located in the north-western part of Ischia: it has the shape of an amphitheater along the seashore, at the foot of Monte Epomeo, with white houses of the 18th century, small churches, palaces, tree-lined roads…

In Lacco Ameno there is a cliff witha particular shape, called " fungo" (mushroom), that welcomes the visitors arriving from the sea; the town is interesting from artistic, historical and naturalistic point of view. We remember Villa Arbusto, seat of an archaeological museum, that is situated in a charming position in front of cape of Monte Vico; and then the Aragonese Tower, that was built by Alfonso of Aragona (15th century) as a watchtower to defense against the pirates. Today, being near the cemetary, the tower is a place of rest, prayer and meditation.
It is important also the Santuario di Santa Restituta: built in 1036 but restructured several times before the complete reconstruction after the earthquake of 1883. Under the altar there are the relics of the saint.

In the territory of Lacco Ameno we find thermal waters with the highest coefficient of radioactivity of the island, that gush out from the sources called "of Santa Restituta".

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