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The town of Bardolino is situated in a beautiful loop of the Lake Garda, far away f ...

The gulf of Garda is a jewel dominated by the blue of the lake and Mediterranean vegetatio ...

The embattled walls and the towers of the scaligero castle give to Lazise, that lies on th ...

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The town of Bardolino is situated in a beautiful loop of the Lake Garda, far away from the crowded and busy areas.
It is a town with an high historical lineage, whose name can have Germanic origin or, maybe, connections with a character of the Argonauts' myth. There are many finds that are evidence of populations living in this territory in Roman age, like coins, cippus, tombstones, sculptures, visible in many parts of the town territory; as well as graveyard remains.
The Romanesque shapes of the church of San Severo are evidence of the ancient history of Bardolino, both the external ones, with a sloping facade with prothyrum, and the inner ones, characterized by three aisles that hold five spans and three unequal apses. There is also a crypt, dated back to XI century. Contemporary with San Severo is the little church of San Zeno, with one nave and adorned by six red marble columns. In the lateral wings, there are some original decorations. It was part of the monastic feud of the Abbey of San Zeno. It curious recalls in the construction style many churches built in the following period, in central and southern Italy. The pictorial patrimony of the church of Santa Maria della Misericordia, also known as Madonna della Neve, built in XIV century, is also interesting.

But Bardolino is not only the name of a delightful town on the shores of the lake; the lovers know that the Bardolino is a DOC wine whose production is allowed in the province of Verona. There are two DOC of Bardolino: the Rosso and the Chiaretto, that come from native vines. They are light, soft and kind wines, with a dry, sapid, slightly bitter, harmonic taste and with a note of almond, common to all the wines of this region.

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