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Milan Cathedral
The Duomo (Cathedral), dedicated to Saint Mary, is the symbol of Milan and it is considere ...

Basilica of San Lorenzo
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Milan Cathedral

The Duomo (Cathedral), dedicated to Saint Mary, is the symbol of Milan and it is considered the most important example of gothic architecture in Italy.
It is located in the center of the city, and characterizes the Piazza with its imposing size and the whiteness of its marble. Its construction has been very long: the Cathedral was begun in the year 1386 and rises on a holy area, where there were two churches, pulled down in order to have more space for the new building, and only in the year 1805 the facade was finished, even if the works continued throughout the 20th century, to built the spires, the architectonic decorations and the first restoration works.

Entering through one of the five magnificent portals, in carved bronze, you find yourself dipped in a unique atmosphere, characterized by magnificence, mysticism, astonishment.
The interior is subdivided in five naves, where rich imposing altars and tombs can be admired; the historiated windows are beautiful.
Among the works of art of the Cathedral we remember the Candelabro Trivulzio, a gigantic seven-branched candelabrum, high 12 meters, carved in the 11th century. Hanging over the main altar, there is the most precious relic of the church, one of the nails of the True Cross (Holy Nail): even if it is placed on high, a red light illuminates it and you can see it from every point of the church.

Under the altar there is a crypt where the most precious objects of the Cathedral are guarded; but the tourists are always fascinated by the possibility to go up on the roof of the church. By elevator (or by foot...) you can reach the terraces, from which you can enjoy an extraordinary view on spires, arches and statues. The 135 spires of the Duomo frame a unique panorama, that goes from the skyscrapers of the city till the snow on the Alps. On the highest spire (108 meters) there is the famous golden statue of the Madonnina, inaugurated in 1774 and now one of the symbols of Milan.

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Hotel Milan
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