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The city of Milan - Milan The city of Milan
Milan is a city that gives the cue for every kind of tourism.
The city was founded by ...

Brera Art Gallery
The complex of Brera is a very interesting place: here you can visit the famous Pinacoteca ...

Museum of Science and Technology
The Museum of Science and Technology in Milan is dedicated to the great scientist Leonardo ...

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Brera Art Gallery

The complex of Brera is a very interesting place: here you can visit the famous Pinacoteca, but it is not the only thing... Brera, in fact, is not only the Art Gallery, but also the Braidense Library, the astronomical Observatory, the Botanical garden. You enter in a elegant courtyard with a porch, from where you can reach the different spaces of Brera.

In the Astronomical Museum near the Observatory are guarded ancient instruments, papers, maps, telescopes.
The Botanical garden is a charming and evocative garden in the center of the city. In its 5000 mq various varieties of trees and flowers can be admired.

But the most famous part of the complex of Brera is sure the Pinacoteca: here there are valuable works of art. In the years the collection grew, even if, because of the bombings that hit Milan in 1943, the palace of Brera was damaged, some rooms were completely destroyed, but the Art Gallery was quickly reconstructed and it reopened in 1950.
Today it conserves a lot of paintings, that offer a complete vision of the artistic history of Lombardy, Italy and Europe, from the Renaissance to the 20th century. Among the most important artists we remember Sandro Botticelli, Carlo Carrà, Piero della Francesca, Amedeo Modigliani, Rembrandt, El Greco, Pieter Paul Rubens. The most famous paintings are Christ at the column by Bramante, Supper at Emmaus by Caravaggio, The Kiss by Francesco Hayez, the Lamentation over the Dead Christ by Andrea Mantegna and the Marriage of the Virgin by Raphael.

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Hotel Milan
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Grand Visconti Palace * * * * Milano Grand Visconti Palace * * * * Milano
The breathtaking views on a 2500 m² private garden and the proximity to the Duomo, definitely make Grand Visconti Palace one of the landmarks of Milan, home of Expo 2015. The celebrated spa centre and the Jacuzzi-equipped executive suites of the Grand Visconti Palace are really something to try ...

Atahotel De Angeli * * * * Milano Atahotel De Angeli * * * * Milano
Atahotel De Angeli is an exclusive residence enjoying a wonderful location, between the Fair district and the Marghera - Corso Vercelli area, one of the most characteristic of Milan. The De Angeli, the jewel of the Atahotels chain, offers superior accommodation in a classy environment. Breakfast ...

Hotel Dei Fiori * * * Milano Hotel Dei Fiori * * * Milano
Hotel Dei Fiori features a free car park and is close to the A7 motorway exit in the south of Milan. Famagosta Metro Station is 500 metres away. Wi-Fi connection is available. A generous buffet breakfast is included in the room rate. All guest rooms at the Dei Fiori Hotel come with satellite ...

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