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Basilica of San Lorenzo

The Basilica of San Lorenzo is a very ancient church: it was in fact a early-christian basilica, built during roman age, between the years 372 and 402; in this period Milan was the capital of the Empire. The church that we see today derives from restorations and reconstruction made in the 16th century, when were built also the dome and the four towers.

Perhaps the most famous part of this church is… outside from the church! In fact in front of the basilica there is a great court with a huge colonnade: these are the so-called columns of San Lorenzo, dated back to roman age. The columns represent one of the few roman relics of Milan: sixteen columns in marble, with Corinthian capitals that hold up a part of a building dated back to the 3rd century; they were transported here in the 6th century to complete the newborn basilica of San Lorenzo.

The bombings in 1944 and 1945 destroyed many houses on the back of the basilica, and in the post-war period the government of the city decided to create a park, that took the name of Parco delle Basiliche (park of the basilicas) thanks to the presence of San Lorenzo on one side, and of the basilica of Sant'Eustorgio on the other. From the park you have an excellent view on the complex.

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