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Rapallo is found in the western part of the Gulf of Tigullio, integrate in a creek ...

Sestri Levante
The modern part of Sestri Levante rises near the mouth of the river Gromolo, but th ...

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Sestri Levante

The modern part of Sestri Levante rises near the mouth of the river Gromolo, but the true historical center of the city is on a place that once was an island (and that the inhabitants still call Isola), and today is a cape, connected to the land by a thin isthmus that divides the delightful Baia delle Favole ( creek of the fairy tales ) from the picturesque Baia del silenzio ( creek of the silence).
The beauty of the landscape is remarkable; the legend says that that the name Baia delle Favole was given by the great author of fairy tales Hans Christian Andersen, that had visited these places and was fascinated.

In Sestri, moreover, you can visit many buildings, interesting from an historical and artistic point of view, as the rests of walls of the castle that defended the city, the Torre Marconi, situated in the highest point of the peninsula, that in origin was one of the many towers of the city; in 1934 Guglielmo Marconi here made his first experiments of radiotelephony. And then the evocative churches, among which we remember the Church (with annexed convent) of the Cappuccini friars, on the Baia del Silenzio: inside it is possible to visit in every period of the year the permanent artistic Christmas creche.
In summer then, it is impossible to be bored, and among the amusing shows we remember the Palio del Tigullio and the Barcarolata.

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