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Cervia is located 20 km to south of Ravenna, and its history is linked to the production of salt: the salinas were probably already working in the Etruscan period, and today they are a protected zone inside of the Regional Park Delta del Po. Today Cervia is a modern and elegant tourist locality, with a shoreline long 10 km and characterized by fine sand and low seabed.

The ancient historical center, the old village and the wide pine wood transformed because of the tourist development, that began since the last years of the 19th century and that carried to the birth of the most famous hamlet of Cervia, Milano Marittima. Milano Marittima became in the years a point of reference for the entertainment on the coast of Romagna: the town rises in a secular pine wood, and here meet the vivacity of the center, with its crowded stores, discos and pubs, with the tranquillity and the peace of the nature.

Cervia is divided in other hamlets, among which we remember Pinarella, with its pine wood crossed by evocative paths, and Tagliata, near the beach.
Cervia is the ideal destination for a vacation, in a territory rich of natural beauties, culture, history and traditions, among which the famous Sposalizio del mare (marriage of the sea), event that is celebrated since 1445, every first Sunday of May: the bishop throws a ring in the sea, to bring fortune and happiness to the town.

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