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Riviera Romagnola

The Adriatic Coast of Romagna is a a part of coast approximately a hundred of kilometers long. The italian word Riviera is used improperly as it would have to indicate a high coast, full of rocks and deep, while the coast of Romagna is characterized by a wide and sandy beach, and in the northern part, by naturalistic areas (valleys and pine woods), while in the south we can see how the development of the tourism has carried to the construction of big hotels and bathing establishments.

The most famous and important towns of the coast are: Cervia (and its famous hamlet, Milano Marittima), Cesenatico, Gatteo Mare and San Mauro Mare in the northern part, and Bellaria-Igea Marina, Rimini, Riccione, Misano Adriatico and Cattolica in the southern area.

The life style in the coast of Romagna is famous thanks to the movie Amarcord by Federico Fellini (who was born in Rimini) and the poetry of Giovanni Pascoli (born in San Mauro) and today the tourists who reach these places are looking for a vacation full of entertainment, sea, sun and night life.

Cervia is located 20 km to south of Ravenna, and its history is linked to the production of salt: the salinas were probably already working in the Etruscan period, and today they are a protected zone ...

Cervia spa
Cervia Spa is one of the most modern thermal establishments in Italy: ideal oasis for cure, relax and recreation, dipped in the nature, between the sea, the pine wood and the salina. The plant rises i ...

In ancient age the area around Cesenatico was a wide brackish and swampy lagoon; the Romans founded the city and inhabited permanently the area at the end of the 3rd century before Christ, when the zo ...

Gatteo Mare
♣ Gatteo is a municipality formed by many hamlets: the chief town, Gatteo, where there is an interesting fortified castle, Sant'Angelo, Fiumicino and the most famous Gatteo Mare, risen ...

San Mauro Mare
The name of the town is today San Mauro Pascoli, in honour of the great poet Giovanni Pascoli, who was born here in 1855, and who described in his poems the life and the landscape of Romagna. I ...

Amusement Parks in Romagna
The zone of the Adriatic Coast is one of the richest of amusement parks in Italy.

In Cervia the new Cerviavventura Park and the evocative Casa delle Farfalle (House of the Butterflie ...
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