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Roman ruins in Rimini

Sometimes the tourists do not know that Rimini has an important history. In the year 268 before Christ, near the mouth if the river Marecchia the Roman founded Ariminum: it was an important city, a point of communication between the Northern and the Central Italy, and later it was enriched with remarkable monuments, visible and valuable still today.

Among these important monuments we remember:
the Bridge of Tiberius, built in the year 14: from here start two important ways, the Via Aemilia that arrived till Piacenza and the Via Popilia-Annia that leads to Aquileia.
The Arch of Augustus, the most ancient existing roman triumphal arch. It dates back to the year 27 before Christ and it marked the end of the Via Flaminia, that connected the city of Romagna to Rome; today it is the door of the city and, with to the bridge of Tiberio, it is one of the symbols of Rimini.
The Amphitheater was built in the course of the second century and it was used essentially for shows of gladiators. According to tradition, it was built in the periphery of the city; in this case, it was erected alongside the ancient coast line, that gives a spectacular panorama. Thankx to this, even today the amphitheater is used for manifestations and shows.

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