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Fair of Rimini
Rimini is an ideal place for fairs and conferences, thanks to its numerous hotels and rest ...

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Fair of Rimini

Rimini is an ideal place for fairs and conferences, thanks to its numerous hotels and restaurants, to its tradition and history, but linked to innovation and dynamism.

In order to satisfy this requirement, it has been constructed a new fair quarter, inaugurated in 2001: RiminiFiera. A surface of 460.000 mq and three different entrances allow the contemporary development of more than one event.

RiminiFiera accommodates a lot of manifestations; the most important are:
Pianeta Birra, exposure of beers and drinks
Mia, fair of food feeding
White and Blue, fair of the navigation
Riminiwellness, exposure of instruments for fitness and the well-being
Giosun, fair of the toys.

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