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The two Towers

Symbol of Bologna, these two "twin" towers (both leaning) are placed in the point where the ancient via Emilia enters the city.
The towers had important military functions besides to represent with their imposingness the social prestige of the families that had built them. At the end of the 12th century there were in the city over a hundred towers, of which only twenty survived fires, wars and lightnings, and are today still visible.

The Tower of Asinelli was built between 1109 and 1119 for the homonymous family and was bought by the Municipality in the successive century. It is 97 meters high, and you can reach the top going up on the stairs formed by 498 steps. Today under its porch there are some shops of handicraft, as a memory of the trade functions of the area during the Middle Ages. The tower of the Asinelli is famous as the highest leaning tower of Italy.

The Garisenda Tower, contemporary with the other, visually differs for its lesser height (48 meters), ans was never completed because of a collapse of the ground below. Indeed, to half of the 14th century it was lowered because it threatened to collapse. The name derives from the tradition that wants the tower built up for the noble family of the Garisenda.

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